Logonix DNS Hosting

Logonix Corporation provides Domain Registration and maintenance, primary DNS, and secondary DNS for domain names.

Domain Registration and Maintenance

Logonix Corporation can register and maintain domain names for customers. When we register a domain name we automatically delegate it to our DNS database servers and the domain name is locked so it cannot be "stolen" by 3rd parties on the Internet.

Primary DNS and Domain Parking

We can maintain your DNS database records on our primary and secondary DNS servers and very quickly make changes on behalf of customers. Registered domain names can be parked on our DNS servers even if the website or email hosting is done by some other organization on the Internet or if you just want to reserve your name. We can provide both primary DNS services and secondary DNS servers.

Secondary DNS

There are times where a separate secondary or backup DNS service is required. For instance, you might be doing your main hosting with a different provider but need a backup DNS system in the event that provider's DNS service is having problems. Logonix can provide this secondary/backup DNS service for you.

Secondary DNS works by forcing our servers to be a "slave" or "backup" DNS server. Our server automatically and periodically queries your primary service to obtain DNS database updates. If the primary server is ever unavailable the general public can continue to access your DNS database on our secondary DNS servers.

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