About Logonix Corporation

What We Are

Logonix Corporation is the area's only fully dedicated broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP). We have focused our efforts on providing only high-speed broadband Internet access solutions and Internet hosting services for our customers. While other providers in the area are large national telephone and television corporations that want to sell you their telephone and video services with Internet bundled in, Logonix specializes in the data and Internet network exclusively. Our technicians are not just the cable-tv or telephone installers of other companies--our technicians have real-world practical experience installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer networks. And we don't play promotional pricing games with our customers--we stick to the prices we have published and we won't suddenly double your monthly rate later.

As the proven leader in Wireless broadband Internet connectivity market in our region, Logonix has been pushing the envelope by offering the most wireless access points of any provider within our market area. We utilize a variety of different wireless technologies and numerous access points to get the best coverage possible. We are continuously reviewing technology and expanding our coverage area to meet the ever increasing demand for highspeed Internet connectivity.

Our connections are optimized for proper resource sharing amongst our customers even in heavy load situations.

Our History

Logonix Corporation was founded in 1999 by Mr. Kim A. Limkeman. Mr. Limkeman is a highly experienced computer network professional who has owned and operated the successful technology consulting firm Computer Masters International, Inc. since 1990 and has been designing, installing, and operating wireless networks, LANs, and telecommunications systems for customers as a part of that business since its inception.

During the late 1990's Macomb, Illinois had several good dial-up Internet access providers, but there were no higher-speed broadband providers. The community had been told several times by the local cable television and local telephone companies that they would be bringing high-speed Internet access soon via Cable and DSL, but the years kept going by and the access was not available. Mr. Limkeman formed Logonix Corporation specifically to address this need in our community. Logonix Corporation was the first locally owned and operated high-speed broadband Internet service provider in Macomb and immediately began providing a popular wireless Internet service to the community.

Since that time other competing wireless Internet solutions have become available in Macomb, but to date none have matched Logonix's vast number of wireless access points and wireless coverage area in this region. And none except Logonix Corporation have lowered their prices when technology improvements made it less expensive to operate and maintain a wireless infrastructure. Logonix Corporation provides the best wireless Internet access value at the lowest price in the region.

Our Experience

Logonix is the area's most experienced wireless provider. Our technicians have been working with wireless networking technologies since the early 1990's.

Technicians at Logonix routinely utilize Internet systems, design and build internetworks, wide-area-networks, virtual-private-networks, routers, and firewalls. They are well-versed with most popular networks and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Apple OS-X. We are very capable of getting your business connected to the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Internet access should be both fast and inexpensive. This has driven our technology implementation so that we have the best Internet wireless service in the community at the lowest price point. We have a long-term vision of seeing Logonix Wireless Internet services becoming less expensive per month than standard old-style dial-up access while still maintaining its superior speed and reliability. As technology continues to improve we will endeavor to continue our trend toward lower pricing and faster speeds.

We believe the customer should be empowered by our service. That means we are courteous and forthcoming with helpful information for you. We work hard to help the customer understand the technology at the level the customer desires--we do not hide behind a wall of pride nor a veil of secrecy. Our job is servicing the needs of the customer.

We are business friendly, believing that small businesses should not be punished or discriminated against in Internet pricing policy. As a small business owner for many years Mr. Limkeman has been frustrated by the pricing policies of many technology companies and service providers; thus, Logonix Corporation has implemented an Internet connection pricing policy that gives businesses the same pricing for the same level of Internet connection service that residential customers are given. Most other Internet Service Providers charge businesses more money than residential customers for the identical connection technology. Logonix Corporation has broken the mold and respects its business clients.

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