Logonix Wireless

What is Logonix Wireless?

Logonix Wireless is a robust and high-speed Internet access service provided by Logonix Corporation. It is delivered to you via a radio-wave connection. Over the long-term the cost is less than DSL/Cable and does not require local telephone/television service. Logonix Corporation is the largest and most experienced wireless provider in the region and we are continously expanding/improving the service coverage.

Step 1: Get some pricing information

The service pricing is indicated in the table below. Each of these package options require a 24 month agreement. Not all wireless locations support all of the listed data-rates so you will need to contact us for details particular to your location.

Standard Wireless
Activation Fee Monthly Price Download Data Rate * Upload Data Rate *
$100.00 $39.95 2Mbps 512Kbps
$100.00 $49.95 4Mbps 1Mbps
$100.00 $59.95 6Mbps 2Mbps

Premium Wireless
Activation Fee Monthly Price Download Data Rate * Upload Data Rate *
$100.00 $69.95 8Mbps 2Mbps
$100.00 $79.95 10Mbps 3Mbps

* Not all data-rates are available at all locations--please contact us to determine data-rate capabilities at your location; this is an ideal maximum rate but cannot be guaranteed; actual performance may vary.
** Equipment is owned by Logonix Corporation and must be returned to us if service is terminated.

The wireless access device must be professionally installed by Logonix authorized technicians. Installation includes the following:

A Logonix technician will connect one ethernet device to the wireless access device and make sure it works with the connection. Any other devices are the customers responsibility; however, Logonix can provide a technician at $75 per hour for complex connections if you need.

Step 2: Request your free site-survey

Wireless technology generally requires line-of-site to be effective. There may be issues of interference from trees, buildings, or other wireless signals that might prevent a good connection from being made at your location. In order to determine whether or not the wireless connection will work at your location we need to send a technician out to create a test connection with our test equipment.

You may request this free wireless site-survey test by coming to see us at our office, you may call us at 309.836.7343, or you may submit this online form right now and we will contact you with the results of the survey.

Note: All fields must be filled in.

Step 3: Place the order

Once you have received a successful site-survey result from then you'll order the service:

  1. Come to our office to sign the service agreement. The agreement is a simple contract that outlines the usage policy, monthly charges, due dates, etc.
  2. Provide us with an email address (we can create an email account for you if you don't already have one). This is very important because service-related messages and billing information are sent to you at this address.
  3. We will schedule an on-site appointment for our authorized technician to install the service.

Step 4: Setup the equipment

The equipment needed is minimal:

You provide a computer or a router with an Internet ethernet port. This will connect to the Logonix-provided equipment.

Basic installation with a single computer is as simple as plugging the Logonix power module cable into your computer's ethernet port and setting your computer up to obtain network addresses automatically. Sharing the Logonix Wireless connection with multiple devices is almost as easy: just get a router appliance from a local retail store, connect your devices to the router, and plug the router into the Logonix equipment.

If you get everything hooked up but are unable to get the connection to work please give us a call.

We can have a technician perform more advanced network installations for you if you need it. See the information in "Step 1: Get some pricing information" for the technician's labor cost.

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