Logonix EthernetDirect

What is Logonix EthernetDirect?

Logonix Coporation offers a managed Direct Ethernet Internet Connection in several multi-tenant apartment complexes in our area. This robust and high-speed Internet access service is simpler, faster, and less expensive than traditional ADSL or other Internet connections. Here is what sets it apart from any other method of Internet connection:

Logonix Direct Ethernet Internet Connection is available at several locations. Please inquire at our office to see if your tenant building has access to this service. Landlords and management companies are welcome to inquire about installing our managed Ethernet Internet service for their tenants.

Our standard offering is a twelve month contract, but college students will appreciate our special contracts based on semester, school year, or calendar year to better suit their needs. We also offer month-to-month contracts at an additional monthly fee.

Step 1: Get some pricing information

Please inquire at our office to find out if your apartment is eligible for this service and to get pricing options.

It is rarely ever needed, but if you do need additional help with networking we can send out a network technician but there is a charge of $75.00 per hour for the technician's labor--talk to us directly for more details.

Step 2: Place your order

You may order directly at our office (527 East Grant Street in Macomb), you may call us at 309.836.7343, or you may submit this online form right now and we will call/email you to get you enrolled.

Note: all fields must be filled in.

Step 3: Finalize your order

Once you have placed your order for the service we have some things to do before it is activated.

First, you will need to come to our office to sign the service agreement. The agreement is a simple contract that outlines the usage policy, monthly charges, due dates, etc.

Second, you provide an email address and password for your Logonix account (if you don't already have an email address we can provide one for you). This is very important because service-related messages and billing information are sent to you at this address.

Step 4: Connect your computer(s)

After the order processing is complete and the service is activated you will need to connect your computer or network to our Ethernet port. As stated previously, no special equipment is necessary--just plug your computer's Ethernet port (or your router/firewall's Ethernet port if you are using multiple computers or a network) into our Ethernet port. This is designed to be easily performed by any end user, but we can send a technician to you to help if you prefer not to connect it yourself (there would be an onsite service charge for the technician's labor).

If you get everything hooked up but are unable to get the connection to work please give us a phone call for assistance. We can help you determine where the problem lies.

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